a brand is only as good as it’s people

We’ve gathered the best people in each field to work with you. These professionals will not only make you look great, they will help you build a brand people love by creating outstanding brand content and assets. Here are some of them … 

Photo of Darryn Altclass

Darryn Altclass brand strategy and communications

Darryn is an award-winning brand strategist, author and speaker. His latest book This Way Please has received widespread acclaim. Through his agency he partners with passionate brand builders to create brands people love.
Photo of Paul Hanna

Paul Hanna design and photography

Paul is an accomplished and sought after designer who has worked with top brands in the music, fashion, art, lifestyle and retail industries. He is the owner of White Flag, a busy design studio and Bare Bones.
Photo of Maura Bedloe

Maura Bedloe communications and copywriting

Maura is passionate about words and knows how to use them to draw people in and inspire action. She's a seasoned professional and has over a decade of experience working in tourism, lifestyle, health and entertainment.
Photo of Kieran Moore

Kieran Moore photography

Kieran Moore is an accomplished and highly sort after photographer. His stunning work covers events, food, products, lifestyle and weddings.
Photo of Lisa Kuilenburg

Lisa Kuilenburg photography

Lisa is a photographer whose charming images have gained a lot of attention. Through her lifestyle oriented imagery, Lisa inspires people in and brings brands to life.
Photo of Nicole Ford

Nicole Ford PR and communications

Nicole is a PR and communications specialist. She has managed high profile international brands from luxury hotels, resorts, fashion and beauty to international artists and fitness professionals.
Photo of Shaun Wilson

Shaun Wilson film

Shaun is a TV and commercial director who creates film content that people want to watch, not want to be over.
Photo of Karen Sell

Karen Sell research and learning

Karen is a research and learning specialist. She specialise in the design and delivery of professional development and culture change programs.
Photo of Mark Kuilenburg

Mark Kuilenburg Video

Mark is a talented and award winning videographer focussing on film, animation and motion graphics.