When is the best time to post on Social Media?

This is a question I get asked a lot.

“When is the best time to post on Social Media?”

The best way to answer that is to think about human behaviour.

The 2015 Sensis Social Media Report looked at ‘How Australian people and businesses use social media’. The study found the two most popular times for people to look at social media are,

  • first thing in the morning (7am – 8am)
  • last thing before going to bed (8 – 10pm)

So these are obviously the best times to post.

However, if you want people to take action as a result of that post, like hit a link to a product page on your website, read an article, or sign up to your email list, I believe that people are too rushed in the morning to take any meaningful action.

So, I believe from watching human behaviour, that between 8pm – 10pm is a really good, regular time to post. If you’re only going to post once a day, then after 8pm is my suggestion. And that goes for any social media channel on any day of the week. Please note that these stats are for an Australian audience, but I imagine that people’s behaviour across many countries would be very similar.


What if I have an international audience?

Great question. Unless you post the same content more than once, at different times in order to hit various time zones, you need to pick your main audience. Many professions do post their content more than once and that seems to work well for them, especially on Twitter.

“But like all marketing activity you need to test, watch, and repeat if you’re getting good results or adjust if you’re not.”

Three Quick Tips

Here are a few other tips to get more results from your social media.

  • On Facebook, spend $20 a week on either boosting a popular post or creating a targeted ad. You will notice a big difference for such a small amount of money.
  • For Instagram try using a 3rd party posting app like Later, it allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time from your desktop.
  • Always move people off social media into your other marketing channels to get the best outcomes for your business or nonprofit. Move people onto your database and email marketing, to your online or offline store, into your meeting rooms, etc. You get the idea, any way you cam move them close to becoming a customer.

Hope this helps



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